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Haworth Cinema Presents

The Great Escaper (12)

Friday 12th January at 7:30pm
West Lane Baptist Church
Adults £5 Students £3
‘Awe-inspiring, Caine at 90 is a knockout!’

Michael Caine and the late Glenda Jackson bring their ‘A games’ to this true-life story about the 89-year-old Royal Navy veteran, Bernie Jordan. Determined to commemorate his fallen comrades, he jauntily sneaked out of his seaside care home in the summer of 2014. (where he lived with his wife Irene). Having failed to be included in an official group excursion, he staged his own secret mission to board a cross-channel ferry to France to attend the 70th-anniversary celebrations of the D-day Normandy landings.
Dubbed “The Great Escaper” in the press, Bernie’s story captured the imagination of the world. He seemed to embody the defiant, “can-do” spirit of a generation that was fast disappearing.
But of course, this wasn’t the whole story. Bernie’s adventure, also marked the culmination of his 60-year marriage to Irene, (Glenda Jackson) and the film celebrates their love without sentimentality.
Both Caine and Jackson ‘exude ineffable class’ and their performances retell their unassuming tale about autumnal dignity and the quiet compensations of lifelong companionship beautifully. (Peter Bradshaw/the Guardian)
Not to be missed, ‘The Great Escaper’ is a salute to a generation who we should cherish, with an authentic message about the dangers of ignoring the past. (1hr 36 mins)
‘Superb…heart-warming and powerful.’
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