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Haworth Cinema presents

Herself (15)

Friday 22nd October at 7:30pm
West Lane Baptist Centre
Adults £4, Students £2

Young mother Sandra escapes her violently abusive husband, leaving her and her two daughters homeless. Temporarily housed in a state-funded airport hotel, she continues to work two jobs to make ends meet. Treated like a shameful secret, she is told to use the service door to avoid upsetting the well-heeled guests with her evident distress and poverty. Frustrated by the lack of affordable housing in Dublin, Sandra sets out to build her own home, circumnavigating the broken housing system. Despite the obstructive narrow-minded officialdom she succeeds and in the process rebuilds her life and rediscovers herself. (97 mins)

A heartfelt and engrossing movie, it does not shy away from a realistic portrayal of domestic abuse, however it gradually builds into a heart-warming, rousing story- uplifting in every sense. A strong and original film, its warmth and good nature carries the audience along.

“Herself tells a compelling story, which never loses its political edge.”  Pamela Hutchinson, Empire

“The spirit of the film is self-help and self-empowerment, and the simple idea of building something – rather than passively and miserably withstanding callous bureaucracy, or just waiting for the next sickening display of abuse – It is very sympathetic.”  Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

See you Friday

Our next film:

Friday 12th November at 7:30pm is The Farewell (PG) a comedy/drama.

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