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Haworth Cinema presents

Living (12A)

Friday 9th June at 7:30pm
West Lane Baptist Church
Adults £4, Students £2

‘Bill Nighy in a career best performance.’ Time out

Living is the story of an ordinary man, reduced by years of oppressive office routine to a shadow existence, who at the eleventh hour makes a supreme effort to turn his dull life into something wonderful.

London 1953. Mr Williams is a veteran civil servant, trapped in stifling bureaucracy where shuffling papers seems to be the order of the day.

He is a man of his time, painfully incapable of expressing his emotions. Overwhelmed at work and lonely at home, he yearns to find fulfilment before it’s too late.
Following a shattering health diagnosis, Williams decides to try and “live a bit” in the time he has left.

It is compelling viewing as he continues to search for meaning, until a simple revelation gives him a purpose to create a legacy for the next generation.
The script and the direction (Oliver Hermanus) beautifully capture the austerity and self-restraint of post-war Britain.

A gentle and poignant tale, Living is a movie that will leave you reflecting on the things you appreciate in your own life.

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