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Haworth Cinema presents

The End We Start From

Friday 10th May at 7:30pm
West Lane Baptist Church
Adults £5 Students £3

‘5 stars Compelling and insightful’

Jodie Comer is ‘phenomenal’ in her role as a young mother. Her labour coincides, almost to the moment, with a national disaster – the catastrophic breaching of London’s flood defences which leaves the capital and much of the rest of the country submerged and uninhabitable.

As supply chains disintegrate, civilisation starts to collapse into a snarling, semi-feral competition for resources. It’s a realistic vision of the social and infrastructural collapse scientists worldwide have been warning us about for a while now, and which is already underway in less privileged areas of the globe.

Torn apart amongst the chaos, the determined young mother navigates the treacherous waters to keep her newborn safe and reunite with loved ones.

Adapted from Megan Hunter’s novel, Mahalia Belo’s terrific debut feature, cleverly uses environmental catastrophe – the moment-to-moment uncertainty, the sense of worlds torn apart – as a metaphor for the crisis mode that kicks in during new motherhood.

Supported by a talented cast including Benedict Cumberbatch, Mark Strong and Gina McKee the cumulative emotional impact is considerable, making this an unusually touching piece of near-future fiction. (1hr 42mins)

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